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Paula Cracium Name Paula Cracium
Role President
Stakeholder Work in Porter Ranch
Profession Church Administration
Term Ends 2016
Goal Getting Porter Ranch access to all the governmental resources it deserves is critical -and something that we regularly work on-- but I am passionate about building community! Porter Ranch is so special- I focus on that making inroads to unify us and draw us all closer together which will only makes us a stronger and healthier community.
Email PaulaCracium@PRNC.org
Pat Pope Name Pat Pope
Role Vice President
Stakeholder Resident
Profession Retired
Term Ends 2016
Goal My goal is to makes sure that Porter Ranch gets its fair share of city resources in these tough budgetary times.
Email PatrickPope@PRNC.org
Sean O'Rourke Name Sean O'Rourke
Role Treasurer I
Promotions, Outreach/Events, Social Networking, DONE Liaison: Budget
Stakeholder Resident
Profession Clearance Specialist for “Access Hollywood"
Term Ends 2016

Passionate about:
-Balancing the needs of both schools.
-Expanding and maintaining our recreational facilities.
-Keeping our children safe.
Committed to empowering all of us to make a stronger and closer community.

Email SeanORourke@PRNC.org
Armando Nunez II Name Armando Nunez II

Treasurer 2

Profession LAPD Officer
Term Ends 2018
Goal  My goal is to enhance the Porter Ranch community and advocate for the concerns of stakeholders.
Email ArmandoNunez@PRNC.org
Name Eric Nam
Role Secretary
Stakeholder Resident
Profession Realtor
Term Ends 2018
Email EricNam@PRNC.org
 Cheri Derohanian Name Cheri Derohanian
Role Board Member
Stakeholder Resident
Profession Insurance Claims Adjuster
Term Ends 2018
Goal Create an Education Committee with representatives from both Castlebay Affiliated Charter Elementary  and our new school, Porter Ranch Community School.  With all the LAUSD budget changes, Local Control Funding Formula, and new Common Core Curriculum roll out, 2014-2015 is by far one of the most challenging years for our children, teachers, parents and administrators. Open and continuous communication between schools, parents, teachers, community leaders will ensure the future success of our Porter Ranch youth. Education today, along with informed students and parents alike, is now more important than ever in our global/digital society.
Email CheriDerohanian@PRNC.org
Sue Hammarlund Name Susan Hammarlund
Role Education, Disaster Preparedness, Community Clean Up Work Days, Events, DONE Liaison: Transportation
Stakeholder Live in Porter Ranch
Profession Retired Teacher, Active Red Cross Volunteer for disaster services
Term Ends 2016
Goal My goal is to enrich ​ the educational needs of the children and to work with the other board members to help make Porter Ranch the safest and best community it can be.
Email SueHammarlund@PRNC.org
  Name Alex Kim
Role Board Member
Stakeholder Resident
Term Ends 2018
Goal Be responsive to the voices of parents in our public school
Bring attention to issues relevant to seniors
Encourage the younger generation of residents to take ownership of our community
Email AlexKim@PRNC.org
  Name David Balen
Role Board Member
Stakeholder Resident
Profession  Vice President at Title365
Term Ends 2016
Email DavidBalen@PRNC.org
 Cindy Lee Name Cindy Lee
Role Board Member
Stakeholder Work in Porter Ranch
Profession Realtor
Term Ends 2018
Goal Using my knowledge and experience, I would like to act as a channel in providing information, locating the necessary help, and creating collaborative solutions.  My goal is to utilize my talents and experience in building a better connected community.
Email CindyLee@PRNC.org
 Becky Leveque Name Becky Leveque
Role LAPD, Budget Support, Ad Hoc-Bylaw Review Chair, Events, Porter Ranch School, DONE Liaisons: Budget
Stakeholder Resident, property owner and business owner in Chatsworth which includes clients in the Porter Ranch Area
Profession Practice Administrator for James D. Beller, D.D.S. and for Dave Leveque Insurance Services in Chatsworth
Term Ends 2016
Goal My goals are many.  One,  is to do what I can to form a partnership with Porter Ranch and the Los Angeles Police Department, Devonshire Area, in an effort to create the safest community and neighborhood in the world. Secondly, to do whatever I can for our community schools to make them safe and help them become quality educational institutions.  Third, If I see something wrong, I will try my best to make it better.  In the process I hope to do this with integrity and respect of my fellow stakeholders.
Email  BeckyLeveque@PRNC.org
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The Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council is an organization that is officially certified by the City of Los Angeles to increase our influence with City lawmakers and departments to improve our community.

The PRNC came about as a result of Los Angeles City Charter Reform and interested stakeholders in our community. The Board is elected by stakeholders and holds monthly meetings, usually on the first Wednesday of the month. The agenda is emailed to those who subscribe (see the green box in the upper corner), on our website here and posted at 11280 Corbin Avenue, Northridge, CA 91326 on a bulletin board facing Corbin street.

The Board is comprised of volunteers who want to help you make Porter Ranch a better place to live, work and grow. We can't do it for you, but we can do it with you.

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