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Before the Reveal of The Village At Porter Ranch

(2015 concept artwork only, not the final design)

Shapell Liberty Investment Properties will present its new plan for retail on the corner of Porter Ranch Drive and Rinaldi across the street from Toys R Us at the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council meeting on Wednesday, September 2, 6pm at the Porter Ranch Community School. But this is not the first plan presented in recent history.
2005 Plan

The earliest plan (shown above) presented to the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council was in fall of 2005. It included plans for the entire space between Porter Ranch Drive and Mason. The western two thirds was to be residential with two story condos along Rinaldi, three and four story townhomes in the middle, and four story condos up against the hill. The part adjacent to Porter Ranch Drive was to have a 19 acre shopping village with a circular parking lot.

With the 2008 financial crisis, that plan was put on hold. A reimagined project was presented to the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council May 2010 (shown below). This plan called for a walkable village, dubbed Aldea. The residential was again planned to be adjacent to Mason with two and three story units 1,350-1,950 in square feet. At that time construction had already begun on some of the planned 500 residential units. The residential was to be interwoven with the retail to promote walking and a healthy lifestyle.

Aldea Theatre

At that time the design called for a small theater, better restaurants, and a civic plaza. No tenants had been signed. Porter Ranch stakeholders were excited about the plan, but concerned about the sufficiency of parking. The plan called for 1,100 full sized car spaces.

Since then, Shapell sold its homebuilding operations to Toll Brothers in early 2014. As part of that transaction, the lot between Mason and Porter Ranch Drive was divided in half, such that Toll could develop the Mason half for residential and Shapell the Porter Ranch Drive half for retail.

Now, inquiring minds want to know how the eastern half will be configured for retail, whether it will integrate with the residential part for walkability, who the tenants will be and when it will all come to pass. Come get the straight scoop on September, 2, 6pm. Councilmember Mitchell Englander will be our special guest during this presentation.

Views of developable space as of August 2015

Above: View looking south towards Rinaldi and the Medical Plaza

Above: View looking southwest towards Las Brisas. Shows dirt road that may have been the dividing line between the one third retail and two thirds housing in the prior plans.

Above: View looking west from Porter Ranch Drive

Above: View looking north from Rinaldi

Above: View on Rinaldi looking east towards Toys R Us

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The Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council is an organization that is officially certified by the City of Los Angeles to increase our influence with City lawmakers and departments to improve our community.

The PRNC came about as a result of Los Angeles City Charter Reform and interested stakeholders in our community. The Board is elected by stakeholders and holds monthly meetings, usually on the first Wednesday of the month. The agenda is emailed to those who subscribe (see the green box in the upper corner), on our website here and posted at 11280 Corbin Avenue, Northridge, CA 91326 on a bulletin board facing Corbin street.

The Board is comprised of volunteers who want to help you make Porter Ranch a better place to live, work and grow. We can't do it for you, but we can do it with you.

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