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The PRNC Celebrates Dick Rippey

Dick Rippey with Porter Ranch Signs

Memorial Tribute for Dick Rippey

Dick Rippey was born in Ventura, California, on October 15, 1940.   He was a strong family man, student, teacher, coach, administrator, neighbor and friend to all who knew him. He was a man for all seasons: Football season, Basketball Season, Golf Season, the Holiday Season and the Seasons of Life!  He was nicknamed "Mr. Hollywood High School" by all who knew and loved him.

Dick Rippey attended Hollywood High School and graduated in 1958.  Hollywood High School was one of the great loves of his life.  He returned to teach and coach several sports in the 1960's and 1970's.   He later became an assistant principal and continued to serve the Hollywood High School Community in the 80's and 90's. He retired in 2002.  One of Dick Rippeys legacies was taking the Hollywood High School Sheiks to the East Valley Football League Championships in 1975.  

Dick Rippey believed that every good athlete should be a good student.  He instilled those values in all of his athletes.  He could be found at every football game rooting for the Sheiks and supporting Hollywood High School students in pursuit of higher education.  He embodied Hollywood High School spirit. He was a man who truly achieved the honorable in his lifetime of caring and generous support of the Sheiks and Lady Sheiks in all walks of life.  

When his wife, Alice Rippey, passed away he set up the “Alice Rippey Memorial Scholarship Fund” at Hollywood High School.  The Scholarship promotes higher education. Dick supported many philanthropic organizations which included Los Angeles Police Department’s Supporters of Law Enforcement in Devonshire, S.O.L.I.D. and the local Girl Scouts.

When Dick retired from his career in education he ran for a position on the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council and won.  His goal was to work with Los Angeles City Councilperson, Mitchell Englander, the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council and the community in which he lived by taking on the task of erecting the community signs “Welcome to Porter Ranch" which established Porter Ranch as an official community. It was a huge undertaking that took several years of hard work on his part. He achieved what he set out to do and today those signs are proudly visible to all who enter Porter Ranch.  

Dick Rippey passed away on Saturday, April 30, 2016, in Porter Ranch, California.  Dick Rippey's legacy embraces his daughter, Kimberely, his son, Richard, his grandchildren and all who knew and loved him and were better off because of the wonderful life he lived. Dick was loved and respected by all who knew him.   May he rest in peace and may his spirit continue to touch and inspire all of the lives he touched over the years.

Written by:  Becky Leveque
Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council Board Member and friend
dleveque [at] socal.rr.com

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