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Palisades Trail

The trail that runs between Tampa and Reseda just below the cliffs suffered damage during the rains in early 2005. A FEMA grant was requested to repair the washed out trail and the many water catch basins that manage water runoff around the trail. Repairs began in April / May 2006 and were completed at the end of summer 2006. The trail is open for hiking. For more information contact Councilman Smith's office.

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The Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council is an organization that is officially certified by the City of Los Angeles to increase our influence with City lawmakers and departments to improve our community.

The PRNC came about as a result of Los Angeles City Charter Reform and interested stakeholders in our community. The Board is elected by stakeholders and holds monthly meetings, usually on the first Wednesday of the month. The agenda is emailed to those who subscribe (see the green box in the upper corner), on our website here and posted at 11280 Corbin Avenue, Northridge, CA 91326 on a bulletin board facing Corbin street.

The Board is comprised of volunteers who want to help you make Porter Ranch a better place to live, work and grow. We can't do it for you, but we can do it with you.

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