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California Senate Announces Legislation

A bi-partisan team of four California State Senators announced at a press conference held on Monday, January 11, 2016 that they will be introducing legislation in the next week to ensure that a leak like the Aliso Canyon gas leak will never happen again.

Proposed legislation includes a moratorium on gas injection at Aliso Canyon and use of vintage wells for production at the Aliso Canyon storage facility until it is determined that the wells are not at risk. This item will be urgency legislation requiring two thirds vote in both houses and would take effect immediately.

Other bills focus on assigning the California Office of Emergency Services to function as a single point of accountability for future disasters, requiring mitigation efforts be paid from utility profits, and enacting new inspections and safety measures.

Senator Fran Pavley who represents Porter Ranch and called the press conference thanked Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council President Paula Cracium for keeping her informed and soliciting her help in requesting the Governor to visit Porter Ranch.

Cracium hopes that this legislation will make a significant difference to the safety of communities that are right next door to these types of facilities. “Not having testing and not knowing when a leak happens is something that can’t happen in the future. We need to know when a leak happens instantly, not just when someone happens to walk past on a random test.” She further emphasized, “Everything has to be on the table, from shutting it down to making it safe.”

PRNC Board Member Alex Kim who also is active with Save Porter Ranch spoke at the press conference saying, “I never imagined myself as an environmental activist or an activist of any kind.” He shared that Save Porter Ranch looks forward to working with Senator Pavley on this moratorium, noting that the facility has been allowed by the State of California to deteriorate beyond repair.

When questioned about shutting it down, Pavley said, “All items are on the table as far as where we go from here. It will take patience.”

Concerned about facilities located close to homes, and the need for safety valves Pavley said, “300’ is not enough. That’s an old standard…I don’t have that magic number, but definitely over a mile.

In attendance:
State Senator Fran Pavley, representing Porter Ranch
State Senator Kevin De Leon, Senate President Pro Tempore, district includes downtown Los Angeles
Senator Ben Allen, representing coastal south bay area.
Former leader of Republicans in Senate, Bob Huff, representing parts of Orange County including Diamond Bar.
PRNC Board Members Paula Cracium, Alex Kim, Pat Pope, David Balen, Sue Hammarlund.

Aliso Canyon Legislative Package Summary

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